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Working as a volunteer at a cat cafe

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Because it sorta is.
You got to spend hours with the cats living at the cafe and meet other people that love cats as well.

Of course there are positive and negative sides to volunteering at a cat cafe, especially when you’re short staffed and all the work falls on the few volunteers that are the most available. Or when there’s loud children at the cafe. Cats and us, the staff, aren’t really a fan of that.

We actually have a limit to children we accept in the cafe and the age. It hasn’t happened that often, but it did happen once, that we had to ask parents to leave with their children, because they were constantly breaking the rules, annoyed the cats and/or the customers.

So hey, if you ever decide to visit a cat cafe, please understand, cats don’t like loud noise or people/kids with too much energy. Also, keep your kids near your table, don’t let them run around unsupervised, this isn’t a McDonald’s.