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Terms of Service (Art/Commissions)

General information

A commission can be requested by contacting the artist, which can be found on the Contact page. All the art drawn are doodles or fully rendered illustrations depending on the type of order. A payment of 20% off the full price will be upfront! An invoice will be sent to the client via Paypal or e-mail and the artist will start on the client’s commission after the first payment is received. Small adjustments to the finished artwork can be requested.


An order fee of 20% of the full price will be requested up front. An invoice will be sent via Paypal. When artist receive client’s payment, the artist can start working on the client’s commission. Prices differ per type of commission the client requested.

Only currency accepted are in Euros. Payment options available are Paypal, Tikkie or bank transfer.

Client is allowed a refund* 3 days after the first payment.
If the artist can not work or complete the commission in any way, the client will be refunded full price.

If the client is not satisfied with the finished product, they will not get a refund. Small adjustments can be made by request.

* Paypal fees and currency conversion excluded

Canvas size, Turnaround time, etc.

The most used canvas size is A5 (148 x 210mm) and A4 (210 x 297mm). Sizes can be adjusted by request and would cost extra.

Turnaround time could take up to 8 weeks, depending on its difficulty. Client will be informed if the commission is going to take longer.

The Artist

  • Is allowed to turn down any commission for any type of reason.
  • Is allowed to change their prices on their website/social media before, during or after an order.
  • Is allowed to share and or advertise the finished artwork on their social media unless requested not to by the client.
  • Is allowed to work on other artworks without feeling forced or pressured to work on client’s order.
  • Only has to communicate in English and Dutch, any other languages will be ignored.

The Client

  • Will receive the full sized artwork without watermark for personal use and a smaller size version with watermark to share on social media.
  • Is allowed to use the finished piece for personal use, share it on their social media, or print it out for personal use.
  • Is NOT allowed to use the finished piece for profit or commercial use! Unless discussed with the artist.
  • Is NOT allowed to remove the artist’s watermark or claim it as their own. If the artist’s watermark is cropped out of the artwork, should the artist be credited in the description or linked to their social media/website.
  • Is allowed to request tiny changes/corrections in the finished artwork. Larger edits will cost extra.

Acceptable/Not Acceptable

  • The artist does NOT accept racism, bigotry, discrimination etc.
  • Be yourself, and be polite! You can use as many emojis as you like. I love enthusiasm!
  • The artist will NOT draw nudity, porn and/or mecha.
  • The artist can draw humanoid characters and animals (mainly cats). Which means anthro and furries are welcomed with open arms.

Terms of Service (Photography)