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Jippies Cat Cafe

Jippies Cat Cafe means a lot to me, it’s the place where I started to find my passion in photographing cats!

In the afternoon of October 18th, 2017, I decided to take a walk and maybe visit this new cat cafe that just established 2 weeks prior.

The cafe is in a not so noticeable street in the middle of the city, I entered the cafe and it has this lovely atmosphere. It is small, but it felt like you were in a living room.

I took a seat and ordered a beverage and while I was there, I took lots of pictures of the kitties living in this cafe!

So, I am a huge introvert, right, but for some reason, I felt comfortable in this cafe, I could easily start conversations with the other guests and I stayed there until closing time.

Of course I had to share these photos on social media and tagged the cat cafe and told them my experience in the cafe. They loved it and even asked me not long after, if I could visit again and take pictures of their newest resident: Simba.

I’ll share more info when I get to it. I’m tired.