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Abunaicon 2022

On the weekend of 12-14 August, was Abunaicon 2022, a convention for fans of anime/manga, cartoons, games etc. A place to be yourself or be someone else. A place where everyone has something in common, and a place to meet up with friends or make new friends. A con like this has it all.

But for me, it was doing something new, something I am still quite insecure about and that is: Photographing cosplayers.

It took me a few hours to get the courage to ask cosplayers to take a photo of them and since I was this insecure, it is very obvious in my pictures (at least to me it is).

Even though I took pictures at the con, I am honestly not that happy with the result, I can do so much better, but this was a learning situation for me. It was new and something I wasn’t used to.

I do wanna thank all the cosplayers and other people that helped me and let me photograph them!

Here are the chosen and edited pictures: